Why not have an 'It's Child’s Play' Craft Party?


Book yourself a venue, we will bring the porcelain, paint and other materials. You supply the food and party bags and we'll throw in a couple of party games as well.

Ceramic Parties

Crafting Parties

Story SAC Parties

Sand Art Parties

Lego Parties



Ceramic Parties

Glazing is included in the price, however if you are able to take painted porcelain home with you to glaze yourself, we will provide a brush and glaze as well as a £10 refund. Pots don't have to be glazed and can be taken home on the day, in which case you will get a £20 refund off your party costs.

Themes would include:


The cost for ten children is £125 (then £5.00 for each extra child).

Other themes (especially seasonal) may be available on application.



Crafting Parties

With three weeks' notice we can accomodate most themes for a craft party. These parties are perfect for younger children. Alternatively they make a great background activity for a larger event involving KS2 students

The cost for ten children is £80 (then £2.50 for each extra child).




Story SAC Parties

These parties are designed for five years and under. We read a book, have a sing-along, paint/decorate the themed item and colour a party hat. We have nursery songs as well as a small selection of childrens' party songs if you need them. Again, you find the venue and supply the food/party bags.

The themes will be:





The cost for Story SAC ceramic parties for ten children is £135 (then £5.00 for each extra child).

The cost for Story SAC craft parties for ten children is £90 (then £2.50 for each extra child).

The Tiger Who Came to Tea parties are based on children making 16" Teddy Mountain Tigers. The cost for these parties for ten children is £135 (then £11.50 for each extra child).


Slime Parties

Children will work alongside each other to mix their own slime. They can personalise their slime by adding colour and sparkle. They will add the final touches to their pots by adding their own label design and each child will receive a certificate of Slime achievement.


The cost for ten children is £100 (then £4.00 for each extra child).




Sand Art Parties

We can bring sand pictures to your party. These parties are £95 for 10 children and £3.50 per head thereafter. Themes change regularly so please let us know what you would like and we will do our best to accomodate.



NEW - BriX parties are:

£90 for up to 16 children

£110 for up to 24 children

£135 for up to 32 children

Children will work in teams to conquer various BriX challenges and the Birthday children will receive a tub of BriX.

You supply the food and book the venue. You can supply party bags or we can obtain BriX pots for £5 per head.


If you have a party pending and you like the look of one of the above options please complete the booking form.




We check these regularly, but if please let us know you have submitted a form by sending us a text to 07875588473 or by emailing lindy@childsplaycrafts.uk and we'll see what we can do for you.

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