Why not have an It's Child’s Play Craft Party?

We are updating the parties at present but are announcing the themes that we'll be working towards:

Book yourself a venue, we will bring the porcelain, paint and other materials. You supply the food and party bags and we'll throw in a couple of party games as well. Porcelain items don't have to be glazed but we are happy to throw in a pot of glaze for free. (We can glaze for smaller parties as the children are having their party food but would not have time to glaze more than sixteen pots during the party time.)

We'll also be doing Story SAC parties. The themes will be:

These parties are designed for five years and under. We read a book, have a sing-along, paint/decorate the themed item and colour a party hat. We have nursery songs as well as a small selection of childrens' party songs if you need them. Again, you find the venue and supply the food/party bags.

Lastly we will be rolling out Lego parties in March.

Children will work in teams to conquer various Lego challenges.

You supply the food and book the venue. You can supply party bags or we can bring various sized/priced Lego boxes for the guests to take away.

If you have a party pending and you like the look of one of the above options give Lindy a call on 07875588473 or email lindy@childsplaycrafts.uk and we'll see what we can do for you.