PARTY BOXES.(Can be used with Zoom)

Our packs contain EITHER a beautiful ceramic figure, paints and brush, OR a choice of 8" or 16" bears with fluff, wish and bear box. We add to this;

Here is what you can get at a glance (box illustrated is for six children).

Invitations, name labels for your guests.

Party game (and quiz if holding a Zoom party) for your guests to enjoy.

A beautiful porcelain figure, paints and brush for each guest.

A party bag full of goodies for each guest.

You can choose the bears for the guests, in multiples of six of any one type from the Bear page in our online shop.

The porcelain figures can be chosen from any of the following:


Cute Animals

  • Giraffe
    Mouse with cheese
    Herb Planter

Fantastic Beasts and Characters

  • Smiling Frog
    Tinkwinkle, Girl Gnome
    Fudwick Boy Gnome
    Snail Planter
    Droid Pot
    Spike (Monster)
    Easter Bunny
    Standing Unicorn

Comic Book Characters

  • Super Girl
    Super Boy
    Zombie Girl
    Zombie Boy


8 inch bear 16 inch bear  Porcelain
6 guests
12 Guests 6 guests
12 Guests 6 guests
12 Guests
£100 £195 £130 £255 £100 £180


If you just want something extra to add on to your party you could buy a bulk pack:

Basic Bulk Packs 6 12 18 24
ceramic pieces (all of same type) with paint and brushes. £60 £115 £170 £220
8" bear (all of same type) with fluff and wish £65 £125 £185 £240
16" bear (all of same type) with fluff and wish. £100 £195 £290 £380

Contact us to arrange for a party box to be delivered to you. We can do this at short notice if we have the stock, otherwise we will require a minimum of two week's notice.. You can call us on 07875588473, email